This is an activity of the dissemination to the wider/global community. It will be organized under the umbrella of two of our projects “ASIFOOD” and SEA-ABT  (funded by Erasmus+ Program of the European Union) , and ISEKI Food Net.

to be held during 12-13 September 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The IFIFS-2018 will focus on the following themes but not limited to:

  • Innovative Food Ingredients and Food Quality
  • Traditional Foods and Beverage
  • Functional Foods, Functional Beverages and Neutraceuticals
  • Food Safety and Risk Assessment Analysis in Food Production and Food Supply Chain Systems
  • Emerging Trends in Traceability Techniques in Food Systems
  • Emerging Trends and Public Health Concerns of Use of Chemicals (Antibacterial compounds, pesticides, steroids etc) in Food Systems
  • Medical Foods
  • Exploration and Biotransformations of Bioresources for High Value Food Ingredients
  • Application of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology in Sustainable and Safer Food Production
  • Food Process Engineering and Non-thermal food processing technologies
  • Reduce Food Loss and Postharvest Technology and Management
  • Smart Food and Beverage Packaging Systems

IFIFS 2018 “Innovations in Food Ingredients and Food Safety”


Corinne Pickett

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