The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) was founded in 1959 by eight country members of the South East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), originally as the SEATO Graduate School of Engineering.
It was established to help meet the Asian region’s growing needs for advanced learning in engineering, science, technology and management, and research and capacity building. Its mission “is to develop highly qualified and committed professionals who will play a leading role in the sustainable development of the region and its integration into the global economy.”



In 1967, AIT became independent and took the name ‘Asian Institute of Technology’ as an autonomous, not-for-profit institution of postgraduate higher learning. AIT is hosted by Thailand, but does not operate under the ambit of Thailand, and is empowered to grant its own degree under the AIT Enabling Act. AIT stands out as a politically neutral institute

AIT offers the opportunity to study at an advanced international level at an Asian institution with a strong reputation for applied research. Many progressive developments in the application of engineering, technology, management, and sustainable development have originated at AIT.

At its beautiful main campus located just north of Bangkok, AIT operates as a self-contained international community where a cosmopolitan approach to living and learning is the rule. All academic programs are conducted in English.

AIT has an unparalleled international character, with 70% of its 2,000 plus student population hailing from outside the host country, from all corners of Asia and the rest of the world. In 2015, AIT was adjudged the world’s top-ranked international university in ‘international orientation’ by the EU-funded U-Multirank institutional ranking.

Today’s AIT graduates are a who’s who of success stories in both the public and private sectors in more than half the world’s countries. Its alumni includes the recent Premier of Taiwan and recent Governor of the Bank of Thailand.

The Institute maintains a close connection between education, research and industry. It partners with notable public and private sector entities throughout the Asian region and with some of the world’s top universities and international organizations. AIT operates an affiliated center in Vietnam.

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