Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) is a Cambodian Higher Education Institution with established in 1964 by Soviet Union cooperation. More than 10000 executive students have been graduated from ITC. They are currently working intensely on the economic and social infrastructure development of Cambodia. In the current issue of globalization and fast transformations of new technologies, ITC’s main concerns are to play an efficient role in the Cambodian society and to be at the cutting edge of development to improve our educational system.The main goal is to provide students with a high quality education in the fields of engineering sciences and technologies. Students are provided with technical know-how and skills of analysis which allow integration and evolution in the labor market.



Besides the academic activities, ITC contributes to maintain sustainable development and decrease the inequalities within the society through its internal functioning and opening-up to foreign countries and the way their students get admitted.

Nowadays, ITC is at the crossroads in South Eastern Asia region and the globe where several big networks are the partners including:

–          French Corporation

–          Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF)

–          La communauté Française de Belgique (CUD)

–          Asean University Network/Southeast Engineering Education Development-Network

–          Greater Mekong Sub-region Academic and Research Network

–          School of Internet network

ITC has made numerous cooperative agreements with European, Regional, and local Universities. These agreements help improve the quality of the educational program, create new degrees, and enable collaboration in new research projects and mobility of teachers and students. ITC also privileges relations with a great number of Cambodian companies and multinationals which have branches throughout Cambodia. Beyond regular exchanges, ITC has developed a Continuing Education programs and a large laboratory services proposal.

In academic year 2015-2016, ITC recruits about 3800 students which 3300 for engineer students and 500 for technician students.

Educational program

ITC provides 4 different programs of study include:

  • Engineer program (5 years with 5months internship require)
  • Technician program (2 years with 2 months internship require)


  • Master program (Double degree program with university partner or 2 years of Master research) with conclude:
    • Master of Civil Engineering since 2010
    • Master of Electrical and Energy Engineering since 2011
    • Master of Agro-industry and Environment since 2012
    • Master of Water Resource Engineering since 2012
    • Master of Mobile Technology since 2013
    • Master of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering since 2013
  • Doctoral program (co-adviser and in partnership with France and Belgium)


ITC has devised into 8 departments accordingly.  Those are:

  • Department of Foundation year (2 years of study)
  • Department of Chemical Engineering and Food Technology
  • Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • Department of Electrical and Energy Engineering
  • Department of Information and Communication Technology
  • Department of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Rural Engineering
  • Department of Geo-Resource and Geotechnical Engineering

Criteria of selection and Tuition fee in fiscal year 2015-2016

  • Engineering student (600$ for male students and 450$ for female)
    • Entry exam (Math, Physic and Logic)
    • Baccalaureate (mention from A to E)


  • Technician student (300$ for male students and 200$ for female):
  • Baccalaureate (mention from A to E)


Document General and Director’s report Board of Trustees Meeting 2015,

Link to website : Institute of technology of Cambodia (ITC)