The University of Liège may not have a long past, but it does have a long history and profound roots.  This may be its best possible guarantee of success as it resolutely turns to the future. The University of Liège has all the assets necessary to become a leading European and even world university : a pluralistic vocation; an openness to today’s political, social, technological and industrial realities and those of tomorrow; active involvement in international and European research programmes as well as those facilitating the mobility of  students and researchers; and a commitment to the development of student-centred learning.


Missions - Teaching & Programmes

Missions :

The University of Liege is the only public, pluralist and complete university institution of the French Walloon-Brussels community. It is a part of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy. It aims at maintaining a fair balance between teaching, research and community service activities, in the broad lines recognised by its complete university status.

Teaching & programmes :

Building your own education at ULg

ULg currently offers one of the widest ranges in terms of education. Proof of this dynamism? More than one in five of the masters degrees on offer here are unique in French-speaking Belgium.

38 bachelors degree, 190 masters degree, 65 advanced masters courses, PhDs, numerous in-house training courses : ULg offers the possibility of putting together a personalised education programme, finely adjusted to everyone’s plans and to the needs of the employment market.

More than ever, ULg wants to make its students responsible for their education by encouraging participative teaching, multidisciplinarity, mobility and placements.

Conscious that the world is constantly evolving, the University of Liège fully supports in-house training and is developing partnerships with the corporate world.

Designed as a toolbox, this site offers all the necessary instruments to forge your education: course programmes, explanations regarding the structure of the studies and how they function, the advantages of “ULg”, choice of help available… Happy surfing!

Faculties involved in Asifood project

Two faculties are involved in the ASIFOOD project :
– Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Food Sciences :

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