Established in 1956, Hanoi University of Science and Technology – HUST (at that time known as Hanoi University of Technology – HUT) has been a leading and research-oriented science and technology institution in Vietnam with 30,000 students in all forms of education, 2.200 staff members belonging to 17 schools, 08 research institutes, 4 research centers and a number of key laboratories. HUST is currently offering 67 undergraduate training fields and 90 post-graduate fields (33 for master and 57 for PhD).

HUST has established its communications and collaborations with more than 250 education/research institutions, companies & non-government organizations all over the world and currently is active member of 7 International University Networks in Asia (GMSARN, GMSTEC, AUN/SEED-net, SEATUC), in Europe (AUF, ASEA-UNINET) and recently AOTULE Network member – a league of thirteen premiere engineering universities in the Asia-Oceania region (


In the new context of the national development, HUST is facing with the increasing importance and demand for highly qualified scientists and engineers to support Vietnam’s industrialization and globalization. The University is now on the right track of the country’s development strategies to become:

  • A multi-disciplinary higher educational institution with the international academic standards.
  • A top national centre for scientific research and technology transfer of the country.
  • An attractive address for students, and industrial and financial investors

School of Biotechnology – Food Technology (SBFT) is the basis of training, scientific research and technology transfer in the field of Biotechnology and Food Technology, under the Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST). It is a reliable address for training high quality human resources, scientific research and technology transfer in the field of efficient Food Technology and Biotechnology.

From its establishment in 1957 to date, faculty and staff of the SBFT have constantly been growing with many top experts of Vietnam in the field of food technology and biotechnology. Currently, the SBFT has 71 members including 3 professors, 18 associate professors, 41 PhD, 19 Masters. Most of the faculty staff  have been trained in Vietnam and in many developed countries around the world  such as the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Austria, the US, Japan, France, Australia, Belgium … SBFT has always been a training center for scientific research and leading reliability of Vietnam in the field of Food and Biotechnology.

SBFT has a wide network of international collaboration with different universities and organizations in France, England, Belgium, Austria, Japan, Thailand, USA, Australia…

SBFT is an active member in some EU funded projects for research & education, namely:

  • Framerwork Program-EU FP6: Toward harmonized solutions for quality assurance and food safety in food supply chain
  • Framerwork Program-EU FP7: Tăng cường hợp tác nghiên cứu An toàn thực phẩm trong khối cộng đồng chung châu Âu mở rộng
    • GRATITUTE PROJECT: Gain from losses of wastes and losses of tubers
    • Enhancing research collaboration on food safety in opened EU
  • AsiFood, NutriSea (Erasmus+)
  • ESCANBER project, JICA, Japan: Research on bioethanol production technology from rubber tree wastes

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