University Industry Linkage Offices?

Each partner’s university has already or will set up a UILO responsible for enhancing & developing relationships with professionals. Each of these UILO shall define their own priorities, among :

1) to turn the 3 training modules into intensive courses for professionals and, if indicated by the needs assessment, into distance (eLearning) modules;

2) to propose other continuing education modules for ASEAN;

3) to establish tools & indicators for quality assessment of the training modules;

4) to promote and attract trainees for continuing professional and teacher training (7.2);

5) to help universities develop a robust methodology for new modules/curricula development by organising training sessions on training engineering; Of course, these training sessions won’t be opened only for food science teachers, but also to teachers from all disciplines (more dissemination).

6) to carefully track the job market and student placement in order to act retroactively (feedback) on the contents of curricula and pedagogical methods;

7) to organise job forums that bring together professionals and students to share their experiences.

8) to participate in the improvement of the way internships are done in the partners universities.

While setting up the UILOs within universities, the involvement of professionals in their steering committee is strongly recommended wherever possible.

You would like to contact your local UILO? Please EMail to